I just wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts about your operations team. They seem to be a sound addition to your team in Atlanta. They have been nothing but professional during any interaction I have ever had with them. They seem very knowledgeable about the business, unlike some of the prior representatives from other staffing companies. They genuinely seem to care about the service that your organization is providing its customers, and take pride in both your company and the work they do.

It is too infrequently that we receive positive feedback, so I thought I would take a minute to share mine with you.

Office Manager for a national 3PL in Atlanta,

Everything went well yesterday. I wanted to tell you as well as your staff that we appreciate your constant drive to provide an adequate workforce for our facility. Your team has shown more care and enthusiasm in providing quality employees than any agency I have personally experienced. So far I am very pleased with not only your teams work ethics but also your temporary employees’ punctuality and hard work. We are hoping to know something today or tomorrow about an additional project and the workforce we will need going forward. As soon as we have something for you all at HIRE Alternatives I will let you know. Thanks again and I will be in touch,

Floor Supervisor – 3PL Logistics - ATL

It is with great pleasure that I compose this letter of recommendation for Trevor Jefferson, Hire Alternatives. I have worked with Trevor on many projects over the last 5 years at arvato.

Trevor, i.e. HA, has always been a reliable labor outsourcing solution for arvato. The drive to maintain a quality output and meet very dynamic demands was always assumed. HA maintained a well disciplined approach to the work placed in their care to accomplish. The workload shifted frequently, but HA always responded favorably to our demands. Ability to have a solid process with a well trained staff is one of the strengths that Trevor/HA offers.

Hire Alternatives has been a great company to work with over the years and companies who have tight bottom lines should strongly consider how they can utilize a similar relationship to reduce costs and increase profits.

Jeff Callahan , Director – Packaging & Warehouse Arvato Entertainment LLC