Partner with us.
We strive to build a mutually successful partnership with each client based on trust and confidence. We provide quality supplemental and core personnel possessing the skills and attitudes to fit your business needs. We focus on individual service by not only providing the best use of our quality personnel, but by reducing accounting costs and expenses.

The Right People.
Hire Alternatives is not only a premier supplier of the right people at the right time, but is an active partner in helping companies maintain their competitive edge.

Our customized staffing solutions include:

Engineering Labor Solutions

An Alternative Labor Solution
If your company meets its traditional staffing needs and is ready to take the next step toward company-wide, labor efficiency our parent company, Engineering Labor Solutions, is your one-stop shop. We are industrial engineers, process engineers, systems engineers, quality assurance engineers, operational managers, and human resource professionals.

We have a proven track record within the production, assembly, order picking, packaging/packing, kitting, assortment, hanging, bagging, labeling and de-containerization arenas. Working in conjunction with your internal staff, we structure a customized, cost-reducing labor solution that meets or exceeds our clients’ requirements and needs. ELS can structure a program for your company that will both reduce your labor costs and overall costs. This includes:

  • Guaranteed fixed cost per unit (CPU) for labor costs
  • On-time delivery
  • Increased volume and improved fixed overhead absorption
  • Faster production order thru-put completion
  • Engineering design and management of workforce